Solar energy / The process of building a solar power plant

As with any energy facility, certain rules apply to solar power plants as well; from the original plans to their location, construction and connection to the electricity grid.

According to Slovenian legislation, it is necessary to obtain a building permit for larger solar power plants – i.e. power plants with a capacity of more than 1 MW. Participants or the consenting parties involved in the process of obtaining a building permit are:

  • local community, which determines the possibility of using land for the installation of devices for the production of electricity through spatial plans,
  • Ministry of Infrastructure, which issues the energy permit,
  • Slovenian Environment Agency, which conducts an inspection and gives consent to the compliance of the project with environmental legislation,
  • local distribution system operator, which examines the project and gives consent for connection to the distribution network to which the produced electricity is transmitted,
  • competent administrative unit, which ultimately issues a building permit.

The building permit is followed by the preparation of project documentation. This determines all the technical characteristics and design of such a project. Project documentation is also an integral part of all applications that must be submitted in the process of obtaining consents and permits.

The most important part, however, is choosing a quality contractor which has all the resources and technical knowledge to carry out such a complex project. Typically, contractors are selected through a public procurement procedure.

The construction of a larger solar power plant over 1 MW of power is completed with a technical inspection, which determines whether the facility was built in accordance with regulations and plans and the issuance of a use permit.