Solar energy

Along with water and wind, the electricity we produce  from the sun belongs to a set of so-called renewable energy sources. In compliance with the European Union’s commitments to decarbonise society, we have made a major leap in this area in the last two decades. Due to the growing awareness that traditional methods of producing  energy based on coal are not sustainable, we are devoting an increasing amount of effort, knowledge, and time to a more efficient and environmentally friendly way of producing  so-called “green” electricity.

Due to its favourable geographical location, Slovenia has a great potential for increasing its proportion of solar energy used. In 2020, a total of 11,990 solar power plants with a total electrical capacity of 371.6 MW were installed. Their production in the same year amounted to 289.5 GWh or about two percent of the total electricity production in Slovenia. This energy is sufficient to cover just under nine percent of Slovenian household electricity needs.

Solar energy as a “fuel” for electricity generation is a durable, free source with low maintenance costs.