HSE Sonce

About the project

The HSE Group follows guidelines in environmental protection and renewable energy sources. We are already the largest producer of electricity from renewable sources in Slovenia. Thanks to our hydroelectric power plants, we produced as much as 88 percent of the “green” electricity in Slovenia in 2020. With 995 GWh of electricity produced in October, Dravske elektrarne Maribor (Drava power plants Maribor) and Soške elektrarne Nova Gorica reached the highest monthly production in the history of the HSE Group, and in the same month we also recorded the largest daily amount of electricity produced in the history of the HSE: a total of 36.7 GWh.

Together we have 17 hydroelectric power plants, 26 small hydroelectric power plants and one pumped storage hydroelectric power plant. Project HSE sonce (HSE Sun), however, combines our guidelines, principles and projects in solar power plant construction.

Our solar power plants

The HSE Group currently has six solar power plants with less than one megawatt of installed capacity, and the seventh, the Prapretno solar power plant,is the first more than one megawatt power plant in Slovenia which received a building permit.

Year of commissioning Installed capacity
Annual production
SPP Dravograd 2012 0,041 0,042
SPP OCV3 2012 0,026 0,028
SPP Zlatoličje 2011 0,777 0,893
SPP Formin 2012 0,112 0,123
SPP Gimnazija Velenje 2011 0,049 0,049
SPP Hubelj 2020 0,055 0,073
SPP Prapretno 2021 3,036 3,362